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TL-HEX TrueLok Hexapod System™

Stable. Simple. Versatile.


TL-HEX is a hexapod external circular fixation system developed at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) in Dallas, Texas, US.

It consists of hardware and associated software for simplified deformity correction and trauma management. TL-HEX will support fracture fixation, limb lengthening, treatment of non-union and deformity corrections in long bones in both adult and pediatric patients.


The system consists of circular and semi-circular external supports secured to the bones by wires and half pins and interconnected by six struts. This allows multi-planar adjustment of the external supports.


The web-based TL-HEX software supports surgeons throughout pre/intra/post-operative phases.

TL-HEX Trauma

All you need… in one tray

In periarticular fractures, the application of minimally invasive wires and circular fixation is an effective option with proven outcomes*.

Three steps from trauma frame to definitive hexapod: TL-HEX Trauma combines the advantages of a quick, precise application with the help of software as and when it is needed.

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Some components may not be available. Please contact your sales representatives for availability. All TL-HEX components are fully compatible with the TrueLok Ring Fixation System

Need Technical Support?

TL-HEX customer care is open 9am-5pm (CET)
Monday to Friday (except bank and public holidays).
Contact us for any support needed (forgotten password, further information requests, …) on TL-HEX hardware and software.